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Talent idea

Talent is the most important resource for the development of an enterprise,HongYu Adhering to the "people-oriented" strategic management concept,Through a sound, scientific and effective recruitment system, ensure that the most suitable personnel into the company, for the efficient operation of the company to provide human resources protection.

The company has built a vast platform for the personal development of its employees. It has two master workstations established jointly with universities to ensure that every worker who has great efforts and talents has a fair chance to develop.

HongYu Is committed to staff to enhance the ability of individuals and cultures, in order to create talents to adapt to the needs of the development, follow the "on-demand teaching and learning with practice, based on the actual training principle and considering the employee occupation career planning", established a set of plans and key points of training system.

The company to provide a harmonious working environment for employees, competitive salary and welfare policy, and on the basis of objective management, performance appraisal, introducing competition mechanism, promote the personnel entrusted with the task of talent shows itself. Through cohesive corporate culture, the enthusiasm of all staff is stimulated, and concerted efforts are made to achieve the corporate strategy and personal development goals.

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